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My cousin leased a 2010 Honda Civic LX in April, 2010 putting down $3000 with a 36 installments of $169/month. In August, 2010, he passed away unexpectedly.

So far we haven't had any problems with anyone(banks, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.), except Honda Leasing. My attorney and I have had nothing but run arounds, 7am phone calls and angry, rude calls from the Honda Leasing agent. She wants a $16,000 payment for the car and not the remaining payments for the lease which we have offered. They won't let us have a lease transfer, nor a sell of the car.

Only $16,000 will satisfy Honda. They have threatened us by saying they will auction off the car for $1 and bill the estate the difference. Nowhere do they turn the car over to us. That doesn't make any sense.

Unfortunately, the lease doesn't address death nor what should be done in case of death. We can't renew the registration on the car and in 3 weeks the insurance company will no longer insure the car and owner who is dead. I think this is wrong what Honda is doing to us. So we are surrendering the car to Honda and letting the probate court decide what should be done.

Honda Leasing staff are rude, unprofessional and unreasonable. Stay away from Honda Leasing and save yourself and others a lot of problems.

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Otaniemi, Southern Finland, Finland #266341

I had the same situation. Shouldnt payment be capped at remainder of lease payments (discounted to net present value?)


Honda should be more reasonable and work with the estate. They are trying to profit from someeone's death and I would think Honda has better ways to turn a profit. They have a reputation to live up to and it should be goodwill and customer satisfaction.

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